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Someone said "playing is learning". It's a truth without modifications.Playing must not be "degraded" to just being fun, pastime or pleasure. It is not something that should stop when you get older.  Playing sharpens our minds and fosters our attention. We like Sudoku, crosswords and other «intelligence» games to keep our heads running smooth and quick, it's good and fun, but a bit unilateral. We exercise muscles and fitness but often forget to exercise/practice bodily control, presence and alertness. This is what we try to do when we play. Waldorfeducation tells us that the child is our curriculum, then we first have to learn to "read" the child. Intuitive games/playing is a beginning. Through it we get an insight into what it's like to be a learning, playful human. We practice and sharpen our attention. Without that, we can not seriously call us educators.



about intuition

Think of truth as an activity. In such case appears the true meaning of intuition.

There is a quality of flow and free movement or growth in all the excercises, games, work and generally in all activities and also in natural processes, if they are healthy. This quality is quite different from 'so called right'

Freely flowing and growing, as can be perceived in nature processes, contributes a completely different quality to all the playing, working and doing in comparing to our mainstream ideas of what is ‘in order’ or ‘the right way’

In daily use intuition means something unclear. An incidence, which touches in one or the other way, ‘the right thing’

Here in the ‘School for Intuition and Pedagogy’ intuition intends to be something concrete, which has to do with attention and ‘presence of mind,’ something all of us can learn.

Clearness of thinking will be practised by moving games, singing exercises, visual art and conversation.

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